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Marketing really is just sharing your passion, creating dialogue with your audience that is engaging and communicates on a level that encourages your audience to come along with you on your brand journey. They may already have a shared passion but if not the ultimate brand story will build one and draw your target market in to you. πŸ’—. At GandT Brand Builders we are definitely not short on marketing passion. We are passionate promoters of health and wellbeing and taking care of our planet, and work with ethically sound and aware brands to future proof business appeal for generations to come. 🌎 We offer a full menu of marketing services through both digital and traditional methods including marketing planning and strategy, branding, NPD, marketing communications, digital, audits, facebook ads, experential and event management to optimise your business and deliver your targets. πŸ“ˆ .

We promise to help you up-funk your business ✨, taking it to the next level through our creativity and personal hands on approach. We are not agency and we are not consultants! We work as an extension to your team, living and breathing your business. Whether it’s holding your hand to create your bespoke marketing campaign or driving forward your marketing strategy, we want you feel like we are an integral part of your business. We have the skills and experience to deliver traditional marketing campaigns in conjunction with digital marketing strategies depending on your needs. We are essentially your marketing wing women!πŸ›©οΈ. Our expertise is based on a wealth of marketing experience within FMCG, wellness and health and nutrition, and we offer over 30 years of our combined marketing knowledge together with a truly personal approach to your marketing function that is as refreshing as a well earned, perfectly blended gin & tonic. We would love you to consider us to help shake and stir up your marketing success. Take a look at our website, link in bio, to find out more, and we’d love to hear from you. Cheers! πŸ₯‚