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Remember a world without social media? It’s hard to believe that it’s only a little over a decade ago that our lives were so different, and together with the introduction of smart phones, completely transformed our interaction with society. Social media is part of almost every element of our lives now and 91% of social media users are accessing social channels via mobile devices – quite staggering stats when you think about it. 📱.

It is estimated 3.5 billion people are connected on social media. We can’t ignore the impact and importance of social media on business marketing, the greatest game-changer in modern times for amplifying brand awareness and the ability to reach mass global audiences instantly, without the cost of more traditional marketing methods. Social media is now a must have element to include within a company’s business strategy. 📈. Social media connection is a way to build and establish trust that serves to grow engagement with your audience, build loyalty and ultimately lead to improving and growing your business. 🧨. G&T Brand Builders can help build or improve your social media strategy, giving you the confidence to engage regularly with your audience and establish a clear tone of voice that is right for your brand, and gives you that added edge over the competition. Social media is a cost-effective option to market your brand if you are just starting out with a new venture. We can train you or work with you to ensure your brand is using the correct platforms, at the right times, to the right audience. We can ensure your social media is working to maximum benefit or indeed guide you on how to include it as part of your overall marketing strategy. We’d love to hear from you – maybe get in touch via social media?!